• Apollo 11

    ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’
    Neil Armstrong
    Japan 1969
  • Earthquake Doll

    The doll which was rescued from debris with Bilge Ergin in Tosya Earthquake.
    Germany 1930-40
  • Fatoş Toys

    From the first toy she made as a birthday present for her child, to Fatoş Toys which leave a trace in everybody’s childhood!..
    Turkey 1970-90
  • Mickey Mouse

    A childhood friend arose from Walt Disney’s drawings and went beyond the boundary lines on earth!..
    USA 1930
  • Car made of Wire

    To make a toy from construction wires!..The creative world of childhood which overcome all the obstacles!
    Turkey 1950
  • Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa which Louvre Museum has its half and we have it as a whole!..
    USA 1954
  • Santa Claus

    The first picture of Santa Claus ( who delivers toys to children) which holds the signature of Thomas Nast!
    Spain 1950-60
  • Steiff

    Teddy Bear’s designer Margarete Steiff and the first example of this adorable teddy bear of the toy history…
    Germany 1902